Parabens are a class of very widely used preservatives. Preservatives are substances added to natural or industrial products (food, cosmetics, medicines) to increase their shelf life. The use of preservatives prevents the contamination of the products by bacteria, mold, insects or other forms of life, thus protecting the end-consumer against health risks and ensuring the consistent quality of the products. Currently parabens are used to preserve cosmetics, medicine and food.

The use of parabens in cosmetics is regulated by the Cosmetics Ordinance and the EU Cosmetics Directive and is permitted within the framework of these statutory regulations. A major advantage of parabens over other preservatives is that even a low concentration of parabens can result in an excellent shelf life. These substances are also regarded as well tolerated and the risk of allergic reactions is deemed to be very low in comparison with other food additives.

However, the use of parabens as preservatives has been discredited. In 2004, British scientists (Dr Philippa Darbre et al.) wrote in a publication about the suspected link between breast cancer and the use of parabens in deodorants. However, this publication was unable to prove a causal link between deodorants and breast cancer.

The German federal institute for risk assessment has clearly concluded that there is no proof of a causal relationship between parabens and breast cancer.

At M. Asam®, our customers' wishes always take priority and we want our customers to feel absolutely safe when using our cosmetic products. We therefore decided in 2008 to change our product range to be PARABEN-FREE. This means that parabens are no longer used as preservatives in all of our newly developed products including especially our entire relaunch in 2011/2012. There are only a few existing M. Asam® cosmetics products that still contain parabens, these are individual items that have not yet been redeveloped. The paraben content of these products fully complies with legal standards. This means that such products can be used without cause for concern.

Whether an M. Asam® product contains parabens may checked in the corresponding INCI declarations on our homepage or on the product packaging.

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