Both Resveratrol Serum and Resveratrol Ampoules have a very high concentration of key ingredients.

How would you make best use of each product?

Does your skin feel tired and inadequately supplied with blood? Have you been on holiday? Do you suffer a lot of stress or do you travel a lot? Have you lost weight? Or do you have the feeling that your skin is losing its suppleness? This would be a good time for a Resveratrol Ampoule Beauyt Treatment; these ampoules are an ingredient cocktails that act as "skin inspectors". They work exactly where your skin requires extra care and assistance, increasing its firmness.
Apply one ampoule to your face after cleansing each day and then follow with your usual moisturizer. I recommend using an intensive treatment twice a year.

A serum can be used at any time and every day. Resveratrol Serum protects your skin against the harmful day-to-day influences to which it is exposed. The increased supply of moisture and the constant release of ingredients into the skin ensure that it does not dry out during the day and that your makeup lasts significantly longer. The fine oils in Resveratrol Serum act overnight, leaving your skin soft and supple.

My skin care recommendation:
Always keep a few Resveratrol Ampoules or any M. Asam® ampoules on hand at home. They are quick and efficient beauty treatments. I make use of them when I do not have time to apply a mask, but need my skin to look extra-fresh. This helps me feel better and my skin looks more radiant.

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