One can mix the different skin care ranges of course, but it is better to apply skin care products according to your skin type and skin care needs.

M. Asam® VINO GOLD® Intensive Serum is best applied under M. Asam® VINO GOLD® Day and Night Cream for daytime use. If you also want to use M. Asam® AQUA INTENSE® Hyaluron Serum, it is recommended at night before M. Asam® VINO GOLD® Day and Night Cream.

M. Asam® AQUA INTENSE® Hyaluron Serum constitutes an exception, as it can be used with any skin care range. It has been specially formulated as a skin moisturizer and can replenish the skin's moisture storage because of the special properties of the short-chained and long-chained hyaluronic acids. The special composition of this serum prevents the added moisture from evaporating.

M. Asam® VINOLIFT® Face Serum was especially developed for mature and demanding skin. It can be applied under M. Asam® VINOLIFT® Skin Tightening Cream or even on its own, for example under your makeup.

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