Do you suffer from open pores? Does your skin tend to develop minor blemishes, spots or pimples? Does your skin often look shiny?

Then M. Asam® VINO GOLD® Cleansing Gel is ideal for you. It penetrates more deeply into the skin, thoroughly removing oil and dirt, without drying out the skin. It is important to remove the cleansing gel very thoroughly, so that no traces of it are left on the skin.

Is your skin delicate, sensitive, dry or does it easily feel tight?

Then M. Asam® VINO GOLD® Cleansing Milk is the right product for you. It gently removes oil, impurities and makeup from your skin. It even easily removes eye makeup.

Dab a little VINO GOLD® Cleansing Milk onto a moistened cotton pad. Apply to your closed eye and wait a few seconds. During this time the fluid will bind with the eye makeup. Then wipe the pad downwards with a gentle movement. Repeat until all eye makeup has been removed.

Remember that the skin is at its thinnest around your eyes. It helps to take good care, to ensure that your eyes continue to look young and radiant for many years to come.

In both cases, the next step is to use M. Asam® VINO GOLD® Face Tonic after cleansing with VINO GOLD® Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Gel. The special combination with our VINO GOLD® Face Tonic provides you with optimal care for your skin. In addition, the facial toner removes even the finest calcium residues left on your skin from water. Your skin is intensively moisturized and micro-circulation is stimulated. It leaves your complexion looking fresh and radiant, preparing it for your usual skin care routine.

Additional hint: Fill a small amount of facial toner into a spray bottle. Whenever you have the feeling that your skin is dry during the day, spray a fine mist over your face to moisturize it. It refreshes, adds moisture and keeps your makeup in place. Ideal when traveling.

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