Who is behind the successful cosmetics brand M. Asam®?

The cornerstone of the M. Asam® cosmetics brand was laid over 50 years ago. At the time, the family-owned Asam company was developing and producing skin care products. Additionally the Asam family established Germany's first production system for anti-aging ingredients from grapes.

Following 10 years of in-depth research on the way in which grapes prevent skin aging, Mirjam and Marcus Asam established their own M. Asam® cosmetics range.

Mirjam Asam

Creative, passionate and inspiring -

Mirjam Asam

these are the attributes that make Mirjam Asam who she is. Mirjam came into contact with teleshopping media very early. After studying law, she became a producer for HSE24, a Munich teleshopping broadcaster, where she successfully directed numerous live broadcasts. In 2003, she joined her husband Marcus in taking the first step towards entrepreneurship: they established the M. Asam® cosmetics company.

Together, they developed a unique range of skin care products based on beauty ingredients from grapes (the VINO GOLD® green range). This was rapidly followed by other innovative skin care ranges. From the very beginning, M. Asam® was one of the most successful cosmetics brands in the German teleshopping market. With her natural appearance and clear presentations, Mirjam now inspires women all over the world to feel better and more beautiful with her skin care products.

Her creativity and passion for beauty are reflected in her diverse product designs as well as in her own fashion collection, which she started marketing in 2005.

Mirjam draws new energy and strength for her role as a businesswoman, wife and mother from her creative activities and her passion and love for her family.

Marcus Asam

An entrepreneur with a passion for beauty and tradition!

Marcus Asam

After completing his studies in business administration, Marcus Asam became a corporate consultant for the internationally active auditing and consulting company KPMG. After three years, he started working for his family's cosmetics company and has since then dedicated himself to his great passion – the development of new skin care concepts.

In 2003, he made use of the extensive knowledge and experience in the research and development of effective ingredients for cosmetics gained by his parents in their traditional company to start the cosmetics brand M. Asam® together with his wife, Mirjam.

With a team consisting of renowned scientists, chemists and product managers, the two of them began marketing a unique range of skin care products (VINO GOLD®).

With his research and development team, Marcus is constantly creating new and innovative skin care products. Today, Marcus Asam is regarded as an expert in the field of skin care.

Mirjam and Marcus Asam and their daughter Dana live in Munich, Germany, and Miami, USA, where they are also successfully presenting their M. Asam® cosmetics brand on teleshopping channels.

Mirjam & Marcus Asam