„We produce everything in-house: from the latest ingredients obtained in our own research and development laboratory, which is constantly working on new, innovative skin care products, to the production of our own cosmetics ranges – our skin care products "Made in Germany" fulfill the highest requirements for quality and safety“

Key ingredients from grapes

M. Asam® skin care products effectively combine selected plant-based and innovative high-tech ingredients to counteract the signs of premature skin aging.

M. Asam® products owe their extraordinary anti-aging effect mainly to their grape ingredients, which have been researched and processed in the family's own grape-processing plant in Landau for the past 20 years.


OPC is extracted from grape seeds, using a complex process. It is the strongest natural antioxidant researched to date – 6 times as strong as the antioxidant vitamin C and 20 times as effective as vitamin E. OPC is thus the natural “youth enzyme” that combats visible signs of skin aging, caused by free radicals.


Resveratrol is a natural powerful antioxidant and extracted from the grape vines. It can activate the messenger substance sirtuin, also known for its "power of youth", thus helping maintain the youthfulness of the skin. Resveratrol also increases collagen formation in the skin and has a proven anti-wrinkle effect.

Grape seed oil

Cold-pressed grape seed oil is also produced by M. Asam® and used in both natural beauty products and high-tech skin care products. This high-quality oil is rich in unsaturated (Omega-6 and Omega-9) fatty acids, vitamin E and secondary plant substances.

Grape cell water

Grape cell water is obtained from grape cells by means of a complicated distillation process. It can increase the effect of other active ingredient systems.

Grape stem cells

Grape stem cells are obtained from grape pulp. These are used to protect the skin stem cells and offer secondary UV protection against UVA radiation. The intact function of the skin stem cells is essential for the skin to appear radiant.

The initial VINO GOLD® skin care range is based on a unique skin care concept using the beauty power of grapes. Other innovative skin care ranges have followed over the years - VINOLIFT®, AQUA INTENSE®, PURE VITAMINS, DORMA CELL, RESVERATROL – each based on unique ingredient concepts.